Humans are driven by senses.  Tactile, Olfactory, Visual, Hearing, Taste and Spiritual senses allow us to lead colorful, emotional, perfect, whole and complete lives.  The more we embrace and understand our senses, the more of a connection we have to our needs as humans.  A heightened connection to our need reveals the humanity with we associate:  grand personalities, warm souls, all with warm ways and refined tastes.   Cité Privée® is the essence of a life well lived, with locations, experiences, and hand made luxuries so specific that our invited clients each receive a unique experience.  All of this made possible by personalized service set in places waiting to be discovered. Whether it be one of our fabulous maisons privées or a special edition of perfume we are a cosmos of nuanced luxury discovery.

Discover Your Senses with Cité Privée 

World renowned Swiss hospitality, fabulous guests, and a wanderlust fulfilled by locally sourced experiences leads us to create beautiful luxury that in turn enhances your sensational lifestyle.


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Intimacy, privacy and peace feature as overriding themes at our properties.   Being our guest means becoming part of our private member’s club where you feel as if you are staying at an old friend’s home.  Our chambres d’hôtes are the perfect places for discreet travelers and our local members to watch the sunset, spend the night, and enjoy a personalized, carefully designed experience by their very own personal guest assistant who guides them on each individual journey of discovery at our locations.

Welcome Home

From the moment our guests touch-down, each footstep is choreographed until they reach their home away from home…the rest is the free form anticipation of their whims and desires, understood sensorially by our expertly trained maître d’étage.

Let us introduce you to our unique brand of hospitality.

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In cooperation with a local Maltese consortium, Forbidden City® Hospitality Group's first branded and managed property, Cité Privée Maison Malte is an homage to privacy. Discover nuanced luxury in the Mediterranean steps away from your yacht in the marina a few meters below. As an entirely curated experience from booking to goodbye, our invited guests can enjoy Malta in a way only a select few - and the local Maltese - ever do.

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