Humans are driven by senses.  Tactile, Olfactory, Visual, Hearing, Taste and Spiritual senses allow us to lead colorful, emotional, perfect, whole and complete lives.  The more we embrace and understand our senses, the more of a connection we have to our needs as humans.  A heightened connection to our need reveals the humanity with we associate:  grand personalities, warm souls, all with warm ways and refined tastes.   Cité Privée® is the essence of a life well lived, with luxuries so specific that our invited clients each receive a unique experience.  Whether it be one of our fabulous maisons privées or a special edition of perfume created for a luxury brand, we are a cosmos of nuanced luxury discovery.  

Discover Your Senses with Cité Privée 

From our lakeside atelier, we carefully concept, design and develop our luxuries like a jig-saw puzzle driven by pragmatism and reason.  Our products are  pieces of the puzzle, perhaps the entire puzzle itself, representing the lives and lifestyles of our clients.  The intimate nature of the senses leads us to create beautiful luxuries that in turn become lifestyle experiences.