As an in depth exploration of the senses, each of our dedications to a different aspect of the life well lived captivates and tantalizes, with Swiss quality and commitment to privacy and discretion as our number one priority.

A Perfume Worn by Your Brand

We design perfumes not only to be worn by your guests or clients but also by your brand; after all it has a life of its own just as well.

After years of hard work, history, legends, stories, and emotion, your brand already experiences life just as people do.  It has feelings, passions and hidden secrets.  All of these search for ways to express themselves and are the fabric that ties your clients to your inventions, innovations and reputation.  Bringing a sensorial element beyond sight and sound to your brand is the cornerstone next step in its evolution.  Our specialized team, with a combined 40 years of experience, creates a finely tuned and calibrated sense experience that computes your design, taste and mood aesthetic in a scent for your brand.

Whether you choose a corporate scent to unify the customer experience in multiple bank branches around the world or an entire fleet of 250 private jets operating for one airline, chances are we have the experience and know-how to make your corporate scent program a real success through our consulting, quality control and product roll-out assistance.

In a crowded world of bespoke brands, we go above and beyond to delight our clients, both business and private, in ways even other companies talk about.