Effective against viruses & bacteria, non-corrosive, excellent for use in public and on aircraft.

75% Alcohol

50ml or 200ml Dropper Top – Forbidden City Skylab Sanitize

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Even though you may think private aviation is private, sometimes it’s really not.  In fact, private jet owners charter their jets, have guests and even get sick themselves.  Formulated in Switzerland and originally distributed to the world’s finest private jet operators, Skylab Sanitize is your luxury answer to a safety critical mission.  This small 50ml hand sanitizer contains all the active ingredients necessary to kill just about anything without leaving your hands begging for more.  Unlike gel sanitizers that are sticky and come packaged in unattractive bottles, our chic packaging allows you to maintain brand continuity in your cabin, especially if you carry our other products already on board.  The 200ml size is perfect for working in the galley.

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200ml, 50ml