SKYLAB Travel Kit

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This luxurious linen woven travel kit with a handsome toggle zipper contains these specially formulated Swiss products by Forbidden City of Geneva:

Skylab Amethyst Infused Serum


Skylab Amethyst Infused Eye Gel


Skylab Lip Therapy


Skylab Amethyst Toner


Preparing you to take to the skies, SkyLab is Forbidden City’s innovative and scientific anti-aging skincare line that takes all of the best attributes of our Creating Longevity collection and adds enhancements for the jet set lifestyle.  Inspired by our own need to combat the effects of private jet travel, our founder created this special collection which follows you throughout each phase of the flight.  Skylab is your anti-age guardian angel on board.

This handsome kit comes replete with detailed instructions of when to use the products and when you can even perform your own mini spa treatments with other on board luxury skincare products, such as our gommage and masque.

Step 1:


You may have meetings, a day on the yacht, or yet another flight back home today. Whatever your reason for flying, Skylab will help you to look like the star you are. Use the toner as a moisture gateway to the cells.  Make a few spritzes around your face and neck area and then apply the remaining products in the kit: first the serum, then the eye-gel and finally the lip-therapy.

Step 2:


While the world wizzes by, you can turn back time with our Amethyst Longevity Serum, containing the highest amount of Bionymph peptide. It repairs your skin cell’s DNA and stimulates expression of the GADD-45 gene it is best used after indulging with a spritz of our special Swiss Glacial Water and Balancing Complex Toner. Apply a small amount of Serum to your face and neck.

Step 3:


Our powerful eye-gel packed with our SwissAsian complex of organic mulberry and goji berry extracts, along with a powerful punch of caffeine and of course our Bionymph peptide helps the eye area to repair itself reducing fine lines and wrinkles, increasing circulations and providing the necessary moisture and vital nutrients to reduce puffiness.

Step 4:

Lip Therapy

Whether you plan on sleeping for eight hours as you fly from Tokyo to Los Angeles or you’re about to head out into the day at your destination, Forbidden City SkyLab Lip Therapy is the perfect technical product to help your lips maintain a perfect moisture and conditioned balance.  Enhanced with our star active ingredients, multiple nutrient sources and water from Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland, our lip therapy is second to none.

The four products come in a custom designed toiletry bag made of linen with waterproof interior and a handy logo toggle top-quality zipper.  The kit can be reused for years to come and refilled with all of your favourite Forbidden City luxuries.  You’ll also received a hand signed card written to you or your loved one from our Creative Director.  If the product is a gift, let us know the name of the recipient by contacting our customer service department after placing your order through the contact form and remember to state your order number.

And remember, if your travels take you far and wide, our SkyLab Inflight Spa is at your beck and call to insure you travel pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated before you even arrive.  Book your inflight spa experience for private jet travel here:  All of our Skylab therapists adhere to the highest hygiene standards, and carry medical certificates concerning COVID-19 health status.

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