Effective against viruses & bacteria, non-corrosive, excellent for use in public and in the air.  Non-flammable.


200ml Refill – Forbidden City Skylab Sanitize

Free Spray Top included

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Even though you may think private aviation is private, sometimes it’s not.  In fact, private jet owners charter their jets, have guests and even get sick themselves.  Designed in Switzerland and originally distributed to the world’s finest private jet operators, Skylab Sanitize is your luxury answer to a safety critical mission – quickly sanitizing your hands and surfaces with an effective hand sanitizer.  This 200ml large hand sanitizer contains all the active ingredients necessary to kill just about anything without leaving your hands begging for more.

This alcohol-free 200ml Refill bottle plus the included sprayer top is perfect for parents who need to take care of themselves and their children.  The large hand sanitizer spray handle cleans easily and allows for quick application to both sides of the hands.  You can also disinfect surfaces in public places using the larger spray device.  The 200ml refill will take care of refilling your 50ml bottle for when its time to carry your SKYLAB SANITIZE discreetly.  Buy the refill and save on future shipping, while helping the environment in so many ways!

For maximum effect, it’s important you use this product as directed.  Make sure to use a healthy amount on your hands and insure that it touches all surface of your hands, especially the tips of your fingers, your finger nails, the tops of your hands, all the way to your wrists.  Don’t just apply it to your palms.  After applying, scrub your hands together vigorously.  Finally, let your hands dry, do not wipe them against your clothing or a tissue. Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds as soon as possible.

If you apply to a surface, simply leave it there until it dries and apply a healthy amount that fully covers the area you wish to disinfect.

In response to the COVID19 (Coronavirus) crisis, we have changed our packing facilities to produce hand sanitiser.  Its our way of giving back as best we can.

Active Ingredient – alkyl (C12-16) dimethylbenzylammonium chloride (ADBAC / BKC (C12-16) (CAS No 68424-85-1, EC No 270-325-2), concentration 0,4%

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